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Protecting Homeowners From Abuses By Mortgage Servicers

After you purchased your home, your lender may have sold your mortgage loan to a mortgage servicing company. Mortgage servicers frequently make mistakes or abuse their authority, causing financial strains or legal problems for homeowners.

Lapas Law Offices holds mortgage lenders and mortgage servicing companies accountable for errors and abuses. Our intervention has helped clients avoid foreclosure, resolve the errors and in some cases recover monetary damages for their unfair tactics or negligence.

Common Mortgage Servicing Abuses

Homeowners are wronged by mortgage servicers in many ways, such as:

  • Failing to credit a mortgage payment you made
  • Recording on-time payments as late, resulting in extra fees
  • Double-billing automatic deposits (two house payments in one period)
  • Misuse of suspense accounts (keeping payments in “limbo”)
  • Tacking on phantom fees
  • Failing to pay property taxes from escrow accounts
  • Gauging homeowners with exorbitant force-placed insurance
  • Improperly recording defaults
  • Initiating foreclosure under false pretenses
  • Commencing foreclosure without proper notice and due diligence
  • Charging prepayment penalties in violation of the terms of the loan
  • Truth in Lending Act violations
  • Bad faith practices relating to loan workouts and modifications
  • Failing to produce requested documentation, such as the mortgage deed or original loan paperwork

These are just some of the known abuses and mistakes in the mortgage service industry. If you believe that something is not right or you are getting the runaround from the mortgage company, contact Lapas Law Offices today.

Experienced And Aggressive Advocacy

Adrian Lapas is a certified bankruptcy specialist with 25 years of experience representing North Carolina homeowners and debtors in consumer protection litigation. He can take proactive measures to force the mortgage service to correct its errors, cancel bogus fees and make amends. He can fight an unlawful foreclosure if the abuses have gone unnoticed and triggered a nightmare scenario. If the practices were intentional or egregious, the loan servicer may even be compelled to forgive mortgage arrears or pay punitive damages.

Let us sort it out and deal with the mortgage servicer. To schedule a consultation, call our Goldsboro office at 919-891-8902 or contact us online. We serve homeowners in Wayne County and throughout eastern North Carolina.