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What Do I Need To Get Started?

First, we need to provide you with some required disclosures. You can download the disclosures below.

We also want to provide you with a form to help you collect the information necessary for your bankruptcy case. Even if you do not file bankruptcy, it is useful to go through your finances so that you see better where your money is going.

Then call and schedule an appointment. We do not charge for an initial consultation. Or, you can complete the paperwork, scan it along with the supporting documentation, and email it to us and we can review it. Once we review this information, we can provide you with an analysis of how bankruptcy will work for you.

After the initial consultation, we will require that you sign a fee agreement for your case and pay the required retainer along with the filing fees and credit counseling fees. Our fees will vary depending on the complexity of the case.

Initial Bankruptcy Disclosures


Additional Items You Will Need:

Income Information: You will need at least six months’ of your paychecks or other evidence as to your income. If you receive income from other sources such as pensions, rental properties, family members, you will need to include that income along with documentation.

Bank statements: We will need six months of all bank statements. This is to verify income and expenses so that we can accurately prepare your budget information.

Credit Reports: You should obtain copies of your credit reports. You can get free copies from If you have not already obtained your free credit reports, get a three bureau report.

Car Contracts: If you are making car payments, you most likely financed the car with a Retail Installment Sales Contract. This document will set forth the date of the transaction, how much was allowed on a trade-in, if any, the amount financed, interest rate, and any add-ons such as gap insurance or extra warranties. This document is very important to determine whether we can or should put your car in a chapter 13 plan or whether reaffirming the vehicle is a good idea in a chapter 7.

Loan Documents: It is a good idea to get out your loan documents especially for mortgages–both first and second mortgages (if applicable). It is important to know your exact payments and the terms of the loans. Other types of loans include money borrowed from finance companies who may claim collateral such as household goods.

Tax Returns: You will need, at a minimum, a copy of your most recent tax return. It is most helpful to have the last three years of tax returns as you will need some of the information contained on your tax return for your bankruptcy questionnaire. If you owe federal taxes, you will want to get a tax transcript from the IRS as well as any documentation from the IRS or any other taxing authority.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.